Should You Rent Your House or Sell It?

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If you’re a homeowner ready to make a move, you may be thinking about using your current house as a short-term rental property instead of selling it. A short-term rental(STR) is typically offered as an alternative to a hotel, and they’re an investment that’s gained popularity in recent years. According to a Harris Poll survey, [...]

Lower Mortgage Rates Are Bringing Buyers Back to the Market

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As mortgage rates rose last year, activity in the housing market slowed down. And as a result, homes started seeing fewer offers and stayed on the market longer. That meant some homeowners decided to press pause on selling. Now, however, rates are beginning to come down—and buyers are starting to reenter the market. In fact, [...]

Where Will You Go If You Sell? You Have Options.

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There are plenty of good reasons you might be ready to move. No matter your motivations, before you list your current house, you need to consider where you’ll go next. In today’s market, it makes sense to explore all your options. That includes both homes that have been lived in before as well as newly [...]

Homeownership Builds Your Wealth over Time

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Some Highlights If you’re thinking of buying a home this year, be sure to factor in the long-term benefits of homeownership. On average, nationwide, home prices appreciated by 288.7% over the last 32 years. That means homeowners grow their net worth significantly in the long term. Homeownership wins over time. Let’s connect so you can [...]

Why It Makes Sense To Move Before Spring

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Spring is usually the busiest season in the housing market. Many buyers wait until then to make their move, believing it’s the best time to find a home. However, that isn’t always the case when you factor in the competition you could face with other buyers at that time of year. If you’re ready to [...]

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